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Vibratory Feeders

BPS model CFL vibratory feeders are highly effective for applications requiring material conveyance. Our vibrating feeders come equipped with two rotary electric motors. The two motors are designed to counter-rotate, which provide a linear, straight-line vibration. This horizontal motion applied to the feed trough induces material flow. With the motors properly bolted and suspended on isolation springs, the material is quietly and positively conveyed at a design rate of approximately 30 FPM. The optional Inertial Isolation System™ is designed to eliminate the transfer of vibratory energy to support structures and buildings.

There are essentially two methods for varying the product flow rate. The first method requires no additional electrical device or flow aid and is accomplished locally at the electric motor location. The motors house eccentric weights at opposite ends of each vibrator. Altering these mechanical weights changes the vibration amplitude. Higher eccentric weight settings produce greater product flow rates. Typically, the eccentric weights are factory set at 100% prior to shipment.

The second method for varying the product flow rate involves the incorporation of an AC variable speed controller. The variable speed drive controls the frequency of vibration applied to the vibratory feeder. Theoretically, higher frequencies produce greater product flow rates. Furthermore, including this inverter can provide time and cost savings because the VFD enables flow rate changes without having to alter the eccentric weights on the motor. Housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure, the unit also features dynamic braking, which causes the feeder to stop quickly after power is disengaged.

BPS is one of the leading suppliers of vibratory equipment in the recycling industry with many standard models, or our vibrating feeders can be custom engineered for your unique application.

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