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Bulk Processing

Bulk Processing featuring innovative solutions, design and technologies. With our team’s combined 100 years of experience, we focus on delivering a high-quality, custom solution for clients in several industries, using a variety of materials.

To create a tailor-made system for customers, we first meet to discuss several objectives that will effectively guide the process. The discussion typically covers:

  • Scope of project
  • Timing of project
  • Products or materials to be handled
  • Accuracies required
  • Available physical area for equipment
  • Past historical data
  • Wish list for new system
  • System data recording and communication method

To ensure you are satisfied with the final product, BPS monitors each phase of the project. From systems with only two or three pieces of equipment to those with hundreds, we use four basic categories. For smaller and simpler systems, we may only complete phase 1-3 and allow the customer to complete the installation and start-up phase.

  1. Engineering concept and cost estimate
  2. Equipment selection and design
  3. Manufacturing, test run, and shipment
  4. Installation and start-up

For customers in need of more complex systems, we understand that these phases should be more involved and ensure that the final product is designed to each customer’s requirements. For complex systems, BPS will provide testing during each phase through installation.

Our goal when building any system is to provide customers with systems of superior quality and innovative design, excellent service, and technical support.

If you’re interested in learning more about our bulk processing systems or the project phases, reach out to BPS today.

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