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Concrete Industry

Equipment that is durable and produces results is the key to success in the concrete industry. You need a bulk material handling partner that knows your demanding product needs. Best Process Solutions, Inc. provides individualized solutions for its customers in the concrete industry.

Industry Challenges

Moving large amounts of wet concrete takes focused work. Using the wrong equipment can leave air bubbles in the concrete molds, resulting in defects down the road.

Installing the proper equipment creates an error-free process and more efficient production.

Bulk Equipment

There are two major solutions that BPS produces to minimize air bubbles in molds.

  • Vibratory Belt Conveyors assist in settling and packing concrete and other materials. Utilizing belt tables reduces manual labor in production and packaging and creates a streamlined process, which increases quality and consistency.
  • Vibratory Tables settle product contents in drums, bulk bags, portable bins, bulk boxes, gaylords, lever packs and molds.

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