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Shredder Isolation MountsShredder Isolation System

The BPS Shredder Isolation Mounts are specifically designed for the recycling industry and auto shredding applications. The shredder isolation systems are created for heavy duty use and located between the main shredder assembly and concrete support foundation.

In most installations, four isolation mounts are used per shredder and are designed to reduce vibration and shock from impact loading, which are major causes of wear and fatigue. The existing spring box design is replaced by the BPS shredder mount and proven using extensive field testing.

Standard Features:

  • High impact side guards
  • Heavy duty mechanical down stops
  • No hydraulic dampening fluid required
  • Virtually maintenance-free due to the elastomeric isolation element

Custom Dimensions:

  • Shredder Size: 80 x 104; 98 x 104
  • Shredder Weight: 290, 000 lbs.; 420, 000 lbs.
  • Spring Rate: 340,000 lbs. /in.; 410,000 lbs./in.
  • Maximum Design Load: 375,000 lbs.; 510,000 lbs. * Other: 74.25” or 88.00”, 31.75”, 11.50”

Contact Us and learn how BPS can customize a Shredder Isolation System for you.

Shredder Isolation Mounts

Shredder Isolation Mounts

Shredder Isolated System Gerb Replacement

Shredder Isolated System Gerb Replacement

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