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Loss-of-Weight Vibratory Feeder Improves Productivity

Recently, BPS manufactured a loss-of-weight vibratory feeder designed to feed batches of plastic reclaim scrap back into the product line. The batches typically ranged from 100 to 700 pounds. Upon signal from the customer's PLC, the feeder automatically started and…

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Seven Ingredient Automatic Feed System is Fully Automated

Seven (7) types of carbon blacks are simultaneously fed into individual weigh hoppers. Vibratory Feeders meter product into 16 cu. ft. Net Weigh Hoppers supplied with air-operated fast acting Roller Slide Gates. Upon discharge, a Quiet Single Impactor Pneumatic Vibrator…

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Portable Drum Vibrator Assembly Packs More Material

Best Process Solution’s new model DVA Drum Vibrator Assembly allows quick attachment and removal of its powerful BVD-41 ball vibrator on fiber or steel drums. The unit is ideal for settling materials in containers allowing for an increase in capacity. Adapts to containers…

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