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Recycling Industry Equipment and Systems

In the constantly evolving recycling industry, BPS understands the importance of advanced process solutions. It’s essential for recycling facilities to rely on high-quality equipment to sort, size and meter materials.

Best Process Solutions, Inc. (BPS) is a true partner in the recycling market. We will develop customized bulk processing and recycling systems to maximize your productivity and revenue.

Industry Challenges

Whether your facility handles glass, plastics, batteries or various metals, BPS offers recycling equipment solutions that will make your business more efficient.

Common challenges that we address for the recycling industry include:

  • Conveying material
  • Sizing materials
  • Recovering fine precious metals
  • Custom platforms and structures
  • Metering material
  • Proper shredder isolation
  • Remove light material from heavy material
  • System controls
  • Loading oversea containers

Recycling Equipment

Our application experts develop recycling solutions customized to your requirements and operation scale. From singular equipment needs to entire facility systems, BPS has the experience and proven products to help.

  • Vibratory Screeners are highly effective for applications requiring sizing materials.
  • UL Listed Controls ensure every control system we build meets or exceeds all industry standards.
  • Vibratory Feeders are used for conveying material applications.
  • RecoverMax Fines Process retrieves fine precious metals greater than 1 millimeter.
  • Custom Supports, such as a magnet stand, help with the moving and processing of all types of materials.
  • Metering Batch Feeders can meter a variety of materials, including metal, glass, plastics and batteries.
  • Shredder Isolation System ensures proper shredder isolation for car shredders.
  • Cyclone, airlock and ductwork help to remove light auto shredder residue (ASR) material from heavy material.
  • The Container Loading System safeguards all materials when loading oversea containers.

We look forward to developing the right recycling solution for your operation. Contact us today to get started.

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