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Magnet Feeders

The introduction and use of vibratory feeders has been a large step forward for many industries,

Their use results in faster processing times, less workforce, and the ability to transfer larger items with lower energy consumption. Magnet feeders process ASR scrap from electronic equipment for recycling operations and are composed of stainless steel to prevent the magnetization of the material leading to adhesion to the floor or walls of the feeder. BPS offers magnet feeders for bulk processing and recycling operations that can be customized to existing plant schematics of all sizes.

Design Features

  • Dual-motor operation for counter-rotation for linear material movement
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Can be customized per location

Special Applications

  • Recycling center facilities
Between Magnet Feeder

Between Magnet Feeder

Double Magnet Feeder

Double Magnet Feeder

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