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Live Bottom Bin Discharger Handles and Moves Unique Material

A leading manufacturer of refractory/ceramic type products needed a way to hopper and control “feed a needle” material used as a reinforcement in their ad-mix. The 1″ long needle-like material’s inability to be fed by a screw and bridging in the hopper was a significant problem. They turned to Best Process Solutions for a more precise and controllable method for material handling.   

BPS designed a live bottom bin discharger with a 10 cubic foot storage hopper to meter the needles to the mixing process. The live bottom bin discharger eliminated all bridging and provided even flow to the BPS supplied 8″ x 48″ twin motor vibratory feeder. To stop dust issues, the entire system was supplied with dust-tight covers and dust boots. The customer didn’t want their new system to be stationary, so the self-contained unit was constructed to be portable for moving from one area to another. 

Live Bottom Bin - Model LBB

Live Bottom Bin Drawing

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