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Bulk Handling System with Twin Screwer Feeder Increases Production for a Rubber Compounding Manufacturer

Recently, BPS designed and manufactured a bulk handling system with twin screw feeder and poly bag clamp/scale station for a rubber compounding manufacturer based in southern Ohio.

A brief system description includes:

1) Two-ton electric hoist and powered trolley to load the 2,500-pound bulk bags into our MTU 4000.

2) Unloading of the bulk bags in our MTU-4000 bulk bag unloader with powered agitation paddles.

3) Batch Feeding the material via our Twin Screw Feeder (TSF) onto a scale.

4) Holding the 50-pound bags with our pneumatic bag clamping assembly (PBC-50)

5) And coordinating all process functions through our system control panel and digital weight indicator. The bags were then sealed and ready for their mixing process.

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