Drum Filling Station with Vibratory Feeder

A leading chemical manufacturer required a Drum Filling Station with scale and retractable dust hood. The feeding device designed to deliver 2,500 lbs./hr., needed to be provided with a 20 mesh scalping screen deck to remove foreign products and oversize agglomerates. BPS provided a 12" x 36" Twin Motor Vibratory Screener Feeder with a permanent… Read More

Eight Ingredient “High Precision” Automatic Batching System For Specially Engineered Rubber Products

An eight (8) Ingredient Rubber Compounding System, required an ultra-high precision batching system for minor powder and pellet products. The system consists of eight (8) two module Vibratory Feeder System with Upper Mass Flow and lower trim or dribble feeder. The feeders are designed to feed directly into two individual Net Weigh Hoppers with a… Read More

Bulk Bag Loaders for Plastic Scrap

BPS manufactured several dedicated bulk bag loading and unloading stations for a plastics recycler based in Ohio. The systems were designed to load, and unload recycled, reground, chopped and shredded plastic products in bulk bags and bulk boxes. The custom manufactured components included (3) Model BBU bulk bag unloaders with vibratory agitation, (2) bulk bag… Read More

Bulk Bag Unloader with Screw Conveyor

BPS had the opportunity to build a bulk bag unloading station for the largest U.S. plastics compounding manufacturer, based in Texas. The system shown is designed to discharge and convey calcium carbonate with a bulk density of 30 to 80 pounds per cubic foot at flow rates of 9,000 pounds per hour. Three custom manufactured… Read More


Best Process Solutions, Inc. provided a specially designed system for custom batching of concrete powdered products by weight, into a mixer. Components consist of a Bulk Bag Model MTD-2.5K Unloader on tank-type load cells, a 50 lb. Bag Dump Station with self-contained Dust Collector, a Twin Motor Vibratory, 2-Speed Feeder and an inclined corrugated side… Read More


A manufacturer of technical rubber required a clean method of batching out a desired amount of carbon black for their process. Best Process Solutions, Inc. engineers designed a Gain-in-Weight Bulk Bag Unloading station with many unique features. Because of the need to change the carbon blacks often, an intermediate frame complete with the unloader assembly… Read More


A leading manufacturer of copper tubing required a feed system to add phosphorous copper shot weighing 270 lbs./cu. ft. to a continuous smelting operation. The controls on the furnace monitored the oxygen level in the smelting area and indicated the rate at which the shot needed to be delivered. The design feed rate was 45-80… Read More


.thirdsPics {float:left; margin:10px; width:30%;font-weight:bold;} A manufacturer of engineered refractory products required a custom designed automated Seven-Ingredient Batching System. The customer had five existing exterior storage hoppers which were retrofitted with new feed screw conveyors. The new screw conveyors transported their product into a five-ingredient net weigh hopper. In addition to the materials fed into the… Read More

Vibratory Belt Table for Bulk Material Processing

Best Process Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of vibratory belt table equipment to help cover all your facility’s material processing requirements. Benefits of using a vibratory belt table include more efficient processing of materials and a better-quality product. They also help reduce the amount of manual labor required in processing and result in a more… Read More

Bulk Bag Filling for All Industries

Best Processing Solutions, Inc. (BPS) is proud to offer best-in-class bulk bag filling solutions for a variety of industries involved in material processing. Designed with ease of use in mind, our durable bulk bag filling equipment delivers superior performance and reliability. Pneumatic powered latches and permanently lubricated cylinders allow for accurate bulk bag filling even… Read More