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Vibratory Feeders: Sort Out the Key Advantages

Vibratory feeders are instruments that use vibration to “feed” bulk processing materials to other machines or along a processing system.

They have become an intricate part in the recycling industry and most bulk processing applications, allowing greater control over the flow of materials. Using both vibration and gravity to move material, these feeders provide accuracy and precision when filling containers, and offer versatility in flow speed.

Vibratory feeders have added a level of automation to many manufacturing processes, helping to free up workers for other tasks, cut costs, and allow for faster production. Their ability to meter thousands of small items effortlessly without using much manpower has helped change the way companies process material.

At Best Process Solutions, we also feature air, electric and electromagnetic models.

Applicable Industries

Vibratory feeders have become go-to pieces of equipment for many industries, including packaging, pharmaceutical, automotive, food processing, electronics and more.

The recycling industry relies heavily on this machinery to efficiently move materials through processing stations. They are used to evenly feed materials like small pieces of steel, glass, plastic and precious metals onto conveyor belts for further inspection and sorting.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Vibratory Feeder

When selecting a feeder for bulk processing, consider durability. These machines will be in constant use and often under stressful measures. Select a vibratory feeder with solid construction, from a trusted supplier who understands your application.

For example, our concept feeder line is designed with no stress welding, meaning no weld on the unit is subjected to push-pull stresses of vibratory energy.

Also think about what optional features might make your application better, like dust-tight covers, pan liners or stainless-steel noses.

BPS offers a variety of feeders to help make your processing system run more efficiently. We also customize our equipment to work with your operation. So, if one of our current models isn’t a perfect fit, we will build your feeder to your exact specification.

See our full line of feeder products here.

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