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Twin Hopper Screen Feeders Provides a Controlled Flow for Fine Powder Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of a fine powdered calcium/polymer carbon required a controlled feed to a fine grind pulverizer while removing any foreign items in the product flow.

BPS’ solution was two Model No. HF-E-SF-424-7.5-(1-1/2) Hopper Type Screener Feeder machines with scalping screen deck. Each hopper featured three mesh 304 Stainless 4″ x 12″ wire cloth screen decks to provide accurate removal of debris.

All product passes through the screen. Foreign products, paper, string, etc., are retained and are removed periodically via the top quick removal cover. All dust boots and seals are white food grade. Feeder tray and the 1-1/2 cu. ft. conical hopper are manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

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