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Quick Clamping Poly Bag Holder Can Increase Accuracy in Many Applications

Best Process Solutions offers an air-cylinder operated quick clamp device, for holding poly bags in position during the filling and weighing process. Poly bags, ranging from one to 50 pounds net weight, are held in place while filled by a screw feeder or vibratory feeder. Our solution offers precise, dust-free operation with a high-level of accuracy.    

The clamp is signaled by a foot switch, and the entire assembly is mounted on an electronic 24-inch square scale platform. Bag supports are adjustable for varying heights up to 20 inches tall, allowing them to meet the needs of many applications. The in-feed spout is built from 304 stainless steel, and the entire assembly is movable via fork truck as pockets are built into the base. 

Portable Poly Bag Quick Clamping Device with ScalePortable Poly Bag Quick Clamping Device

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