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JT-710-10 Vibratory TableModel JT-710-10 Small Jogger Table

Our Model JT-71-10 is our smallest jogger table designed to settle and compact powdered materials in whatever mold or container that your application requires. Its vibrating surface measures 7” x 10” and has a hard plastic deck. This unit is designed to handle a maximum load of 10 lbs. With 115V electromagnetic drives, our JT-71-10 model is ideal for lab and factory use.  These model is equipped with a variable amplitude controller built into the table. Shipped wired and ready for operation. All you need to do is plug it in and turn it on!

Model JT-1420-50

JT-710-10 Vibratory Table
JT-1722-50 Vibratory Table

Model JT-1722-50

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