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Roller Conveyor TurntableRoller Conveyor Turntables

With bulk processing systems such as roller conveyors, BPS Roller Conveyor Turntables are used to change the direction of loads being moved on the conveyors, such as pallets, boxes, bins, totes, etc. The normal rotation is 90° and/or 180°, although customized rotation degrees can be set. A roller conveyor turntable can also serve as handy assembly/repair surfaces, since our tables’ rotation provides access to all sides of a piece of equipment.

BPS turntables can feature welded metal stops on three sides to prevent items from sliding off the top surface or a roller conveyor, as well as heavy-duty fabrication for rugged service over many years.

Design Features
• Powered by motor or pneumatics?
• Sized to meet your needs
• Constructed of mild steel and stainless steel
• Used with Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyor Turntable
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