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Bulk Bag Unloaders: Rubber Compound Batching System

App Sheet 17 - Minor Ingredient Rubber Compound Batching System_Page_1_Image_0001
This Minor Ingredient Batching System for Rubber Products consists of thirteen 2-speed Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders and three 2-speed Precision Volumetric Screw Feeders, manufactured in 304 Stainless Construction. The selection of feeder type was accomplished via testing at BPS’s manufacturing facility. Each product was tested, and the type of feeder selected for accuracy and flowability.

The eight Weigh Stations incorporate weigh bases with custom designed, electric, individually powered rollers. 2.5 cubic foot capacity low melt, poly lined, plastic tote bins are indexed automatically into position onto the precision weigh scale. Scale accuracy is 0.01 lbs. with final batching accuracy of +/- 0.05 lbs. Once batches are made, they are ready for the Banbury (mixer).
App Sheet 17 - Minor Ingredient Rubber Compound Batching System_Page_1_Image_0002
The bulk supply to the feeders is via our Model MTD-2500 Bulk Bag Unloaders or 50 lb. Bag Dump Stations. The 4-Module System was assembled, and factory tested at our facility with customer inspection and acceptance for accuracy, prior to final shipment.

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