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Cell Switch Model CS-884

CS-884 Model Remote Start Using Phone

Cell Switch technology was developed to enable industrial users to connect to their processes in real-time through existing cellular networks. with Cell Switch technology, as many as ten users can be connected to their processes in real-time with a standard cellular device.

The CS-884 has eight digital outputs and four analog inputs.

Each device is completely configurable to fit your demanding industrial applications.

  • Redundant Watchdog built for 24/7 operation
  • Assign up to 10 different mobile phone numbers
  • Password protected to prevent spoofing

Multi Alarm Logic

  • Accepts dry contact — if any input is triggered, a SMS is sent to authorized mobile phones

Multi Relay Drivable Outputs (12V-24V)

  • Any relay can be switched on by sending a SMS to the unit

Smart Logic

  • Custom software allows you to set custom input and alarms, allowing an administrator to customize commands

Process Management

  • Each logic input can be assigned to output relays
  • Easily configured
  • Administrator can change the system configuration by phone or PC
  • Timer allows scheduled alerts, scheduled trigger responses, and scheduled output relay control

CS-884 Downloads

cs-884 Specifications
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