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Bulk Box Filling Conveying Solution

A leading manufacturer of Polyester Pellets required both a bulk bag and bulk box packout area, with one incoming conveyor line at 90 degrees to the outgoing (left & right) main conveyor lines. All systems were to be dust tight with powered (CDLR) roller conveyors.

BPS furnished the entire system which included 25 ft. of incoming conveyor, a 90-degree (left or right) chain transfer, and two Bulk Bag Model BBL Loaders with conversion kits to accommodate the Bulk Box Filling. Load cell scales, bag inflation, vibratory densification, inlet gates, and grid type tables were just a few of the added options included.

Six to ten 2,000 lb. bags or boxes can be filled every hour, at each of the two stations.

App Sheet 02 - Model BBL Bulk Bag Loaders

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