Recover Precious Metals with the RecoverMax Fines Process

 RecoverMax Recycling System

Recover Precious Metals with the RecoverMax Fines Process

RecoverMax Fines Process for Precious Metals

BPS flexes its innovative muscle with groundbreaking recycling technology. While other companies separate metal pieces that are ½-inch or more, what about the rest?

Nine million tons of auto shredder residue (ASR) goes to landfills every year. Recover precious metals with the revolutionary RecoverMax Fines Process.

BPS changes the game because materials destined for a landfill can be separated. Designed with efficiency in mind, BPS’ RecoverMax system recovers any piece of metal greater than 1 millimeter.

Whether a customer needs to separate gold, copper or any metal in between, RecoverMax does it. The worldwide patent-pending RecoverMax Separator makes it possible. Removing glass and rock can be a tricky maneuver because they have similar densities to precious metals. The RecoverMax Separator takes on this challenge and succeeds, removing any piece of metal from glass and rock at a purity of more than 98%.

With the metals separated, the system finishes the job by producing a 0-3 mm copper/precious metals fraction and a 3-12 millimeter 95% purity copper fraction. Both fractions are then sold as a refinery-grade product. The 3-12 millimeter Zorba fraction with 10-15% copper becomes a high-grade Zorba product in the marketplace.

The RecoverMax Fines Process scales to fit the needs of BPS’ customers. Configurations are specific to the application, ranging from 2 to 20 ton per hour plants.

Recycling Today recently featured the successful installation of our RecoverMax Fines Process at Milliron Iron & Metal Inc.

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RecoverMax — Bulk Recycling Processing For Recovering Precious Metals

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