Drum Dumper

For bulk material handling needs including use in batch processing systems, drum dumpers from BPS offer power, efficiency and space savings within facilities along with safety for workers. A complete system unto itself, BPS drum dumpers are not built as “cookie cutter” additions but are designed around individual customer requirements for manufacturing facilities large and small.
For use with dry materials, such as plastic pellets and more, our drum dumpers add in material as needed and can handle large volumes of material no matter the weight.

Design Features
• Height-variable design for dumping into bins or onto conveyors at various levels within a facility
• Safety side panels and expanding grid-work gate to guard against accidents while in use
• Elevator lifts drum to specified height, then tilts to empty contents
• Can be manually operated or automated as more material is processed
• Can include stairway for higher design access points
• Hard screening allows for visual monitoring
• Can integrate with other systems components, such as batching equipment systems

Optional Features
Product optional features