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Twin Motor Vibratory Tubular Feeder Provides Linear Push-Pull Conveyance for Bulk Processing

Pictured below is an image of our typical Twin Motor Vibratory Tubular Feeder constructed with 304 Stainless Product Contact Surfaces. All internal welds have been ground smooth for easier cleaning. BPS supplies this unit to a leading manufacturer of plastic pellets. It is designed for overhead suspension mounting on spring hangers with cable supports.

There are cleanout access doors at both the inlet and outlet. The 8″ diameter tubular trough is designed to handle 300 cubic feet of acrylic pellets per hours at 40 pounds per cub foot. An AC Inverter Controller for variable speed control is an additional included feature.

Twin Vibratory Motor for Bulk Processing

Twin Vibratory Motor System Rendering

If you are interested in working with BPS to engineer a bulk processing system that is specific to your business requirements, contact us to receive more information.

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