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Custom RecoverMax Configurations

Our RecoverMax ASR Fines Process is the most innovative and cost-efficient way to salvage pieces of metal larger than 1mm. Material once destined for the landfill can now be recovered and sold as refinery-grade product.

The heart of the system is the worldwide patent-pending RecoverMax Separator, which extracts any piece of metal from glass and rock at a purity of over 98%. Once the
metals are recovered, the system then completes the last step to separate High Copper Zorba into a 90-plus copper and precious metals.

Key Benefits of the RecoverMax ASR Fines Process:

  • Raw material is metered into the system, and finished refinery-ready products are recovered
  • Operating revenue up to $110 per input ton
  • 98% pure metal recovered
  • Industry leading recoveries and material purity
  • System configurations designed for plant sizes 2-20 TPH

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Custom Engineered Recycling Indoor
Custom Engineered Recycling Indoor

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