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Custom Bulk Bag Fillers Can Accommodate Your Company’s Unique Demands

Bulk equipment for bag loading and unloading allows for accurate packing of bulk containers in a variety of applications. They can be one of many machines used in an elaborate bulk processing system or a simple piece of equipment used for low volume filling needs.   

Custom bulk bag fillers are necessary to integrate seamlessly into each unique operation. Standard models rarely satisfy customer needs, when equipment must fit within a designated footprint and work within an existing bulk processing system.    

Bag Loading and Unloading Options to Consider

The options for custom bulk bag fillers are endless but common aspects that can be tailored include:   

  • Fill Rate – There are several factors to consider when determining your fill rate.  One factor is knowing what equipment is in front of the filler to determine how quickly it can transfer material to the filler.  Another is to determine what the weight accuracy requirements are for the filled bag/container. If densification is required, determining the optimal length of vibration is essential when determining the fill rate between bags/containers. 
  • Container Handling – Systems can be customized to load bulk boxes, 50-gallon drums and a variety of different containers. 
  • Filling Options – The two types of filling options are gravity filling or metering filling.  Gravity filling is typically quicker and has fewer moving parts but is also less accurate.  Metering filling is typically more accurate but requires additional equipment and normally has a longer fill rate. 
  • Dust Free Seal – Does your application require a dust-free seal for safety? We can accommodate these needs with a dust free inflatable fill head.   
  • Adjustable Bag Supports – Depending on how often bag height is changed, the upper bag supports can be adjusted manually, electrically or pneumatically. 
  • Automated Filling – Depending on the customers’ application, the filling sequence could require little to no automation or it could require a complete automated sequence with minimal operator involvement. 
  • Added Vibration – Bulk bag fillers can be designed with added vibration to help settle contents and maximize bag volume.   
  • Other Customizations – Some systems require other customizations, such as the addition of a pallet destacker, a rolling conveyor, slip sheet dispensers, checkweigh scales or a bag compactor (allows all bags to be uniform in height.) 

 Not all applications are typical, and BPS will work with you to design the right equipment for the job. Whether your bulk bag filler is conventional or needs unique engineering, Best Process Solutions can build the solution that meets your needs. To learn more, call us today at 330-220-1440 or get a quote. 


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