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Best Process Solutions Has the Answer for a Clean Carbon Black Batching Station

Carbon-Black-Batching-System A manufacturer of technical rubber required a clean method of batching out a desired amount of carbon black for their process. Best Process Solutions, Inc. engineers designed a Gain-in-Weight Bulk Bag Unloading station with many unique features. Because of the need to change the carbon blacks often, an intermediate frame complete with the unloader assembly was designed to allow the material to be changed while there was material maintained in the bulk bag. This is accomplished by simply closing a butterfly valve and lifting the frame out of a stationary feeding station. A second frame with a different material is then placed into the feeding station, the butterfly valve is opened, and the material change is complete.

In addition to this unique feature, the station acts as a Gain-in-Weight Batching Station. The carbon black is metered out of the unloading station into a plastic bin, which is indexed onto a scale. When initiated, the system will automatically dispense the proper amount of material (with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 lbs.) on a 75 lb. batch. The complete process is accomplished in a dust-free environment.

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