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Bulk Bag Loading System for Zorba Export

The BPS Bulk Bag Loading System is engineered for loading bulk bags quickly and efficiently for the overseas shipping of zorba.

This offline system includes a hopper feeder where the zorba is loaded. The zorba is then conveyed to a diverter chute to load the bulk bags, one bag at a time. The zorba is weighed as it is loaded.

The system provides densification, so it will vibrate to get more zorba into the bags. Once the bag hits a certain weight, the diverter will flip to the other bag, so it is a continuous loading process.

Other features of the system include:

  • UL listed controls
  • Optional vibratory screener to size the zorba prior to loading
  • System can be customized for your application

BPS has more than 100 years of combined bulk-bag loading experience.

Bulk Bag Loader
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