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Specially Designed Batching System is built to Unique Specifications

Automatic Batching of Specialty Concrete Best Process Solutions, Inc. provided a specially designed system for custom batching of concrete powdered products by weight, into a mixer. Components consist of a Bulk Bag Model MTD-2.5K Unloader on tank-type load cells, a 50 lb. Bag Dump Station with self-contained Dust Collector, a Twin Motor Vibratory, 2-Speed Feeder and an inclined corrugated side wall, cleated belt conveyor. All items designed for a dust tight operation. The bulk processing system incorporates a custom software control package for “LOW” loss of weight batching. Batches up to 1500 lbs. are weighed with an accuracy of +/- 1 lb. A “refill pause” program enables removal of an empty bag when a low level indication light is triggered. Small 50 lb. bag additions or less, are hand-added at the Bag Dump Station. The system was tested at our facility and demonstrated to the customer for their acceptance, prior to final shipment.

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