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 BFL with Dynamic Base

 BFL with Dynamic Base

 CFL with IIS



 Feeder with Dynamic Base

 Model CFL

 Vibratory Feeder
Pan Feeders

Our Vibratory Pan Feeders work well in recycling processing systems and can be made to meet specific customer needs. Designed to aid separation and to control the flow of materials, our vibratory pan feeders can be added to any process to convey material applications. Equipped with two rotary electric motors designed to counter rotate, providing linear, straight-line vibration and horizontal motion allows for material flow. Can be built using our optional Inertial Isolation System base that is designed to stop the transfer of vibratory energy to the surrounding environment.

Design Features

  • Custom build option to meet customer’s system needs
  • Varied trough and pan shapes
  • Dual-motor operation for counter-rotation for linear material movement
  • Base-mounted or suspended
  • Coil springs or rubber isolation mounts
  • Brute force design means proven reliability

Special Applications

  • Recycling center facilities
  • Surge loading applications
  • Food processing
Optional Features
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