Cell Switch™

Take control with Cell Switch™

Remotely control and monitor any powered device by simply plugging it into the Cell Switch module. Cell Switch utilizes existing cellular networks to allow you to easily control and monitor your everyday devices using a standard cellular phone.



Industrial Applications

  • Machine supervision and monitoring
  • Pumping station monitoring
  • Server control room and applications
  • Control room applications
  • Oil and gas pipeline monitoring
  • Valve control monitoring
  • Tank, level, and temperature monitoring and control
  • Electrical substation monitoring
  • Fleet management system
  • Custom designed monitoring and control applications
  • Industrial monitoring application

Commercial Applications

  • Airplane Engine Preheater
  • Boating Application
  • Camper Preheaters
  • Second Home or Cabin Heat Control
  • Security Lighting
  • Automated Gate Control
  • Storage Unit Security Access
  • Airport Security Access
  • Server Rebooting
  • Temperature Control & Monitoring
  • Access Control & Monitoring

Cell Switch Models

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