Model VG (Grid Deck Vibratory Tables)

The BPS Model VG (Vibratory Grid Deck) is able to lift and vibrate material between the rollers of a roller conveyor.  As the material is conveyed down the conveyor, this can be a densification station and can be automatically or manually operated. Our electric GF tables can be operated at 230v/480v. Other voltages are available upon request (example: 380v, 415v, 575v).  When power requirements are limited, we also offer a variety of Air Piston Flat Decks as well.

The Electric VG-E (Vibratory Grid Deck) includes:

  • Twin Electric Vibratory Motors
  • Air Isolation Mounts
  • FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricator)

The Air Piston VG-A (Vibratory Grid Deck) includes:

  • Air Piston Vibrator
  • Air Isolation Mounts
  • FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricator)
Optional Features
Optional features include:
  • Manual Air Controls
  • Auto Controls
    • Electric and Air
  • Load Cells with Controls