Model VF (Flat Deck Vibratory Tables)

The BPS Model VF (Vibratory Flat Deck) is a convenient tool for condensing and compacting a wide assortment of materials.  Larger model VF tables are also used to densify large molds, totes, and drums and can be incorporated into many different processes.  Our electric VF tables can be operated at 230v/480v. Other voltages are available upon request (example: 380v, 415v, 575v).  When power requirements are limited, we also offer a variety of Air Piston Flat Decks, as well.

The Electric VF-E (Vibratory Flat Deck) includes:

  • Twin Electric Vibratory Motors
  • Air Isolation Mounts or Coil Springs
  • FR (Filter Regulator)

The Air Piston VF-A (Vibratory Flat Deck) includes:

  • Air Piston Vibrator
  • Air Isolation Mounts
  • FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricator)

For additional options, please contact us.

Optional Features
Optional features include:
  • Manual Air Controls
  • Auto Controls
  • Electric and Air
  • Load Cells with Controls