• Bag Lifting Frame
  • Untie Hopper with 3 inch Dust Exhaust Port
  • Stationary Paddles
  • Fork Truck or Hoist Loading Capabilities
  • 4,000 lb. Capacity

The Bag Lifting frame can be used by both an overhead hoist and a fork truck for easy operator loading.  The lifting frame comes with spring loaded bag strap retainers for bag replacement.

The Untie Hopper allows easy access to untie the bag through the operator access door.  This door also provides safe dust control during operation and sending it through a 3 inch outlet for dust collection.

The Stationary Paddles support the bag when unloading.

For any additional options or custom fabrication, please contact us.

Optional Features
Optional features include:
  • Manual Air Controls
  • Auto Controls
  • Integrated Hoist
  • Agitation Paddles
  • Transition Hopper / Surge Hopper
  • Metering Device
  • Partial Bag Unloading
  • Load Cells with Controls